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Story time.

One day back in late 2020, I was minding my business on IG when I came across a post by @thenapministry (one of my fave pages on Instagram) about Black women writing these long ass captions on social media when they could put those words into a book!

I felt so attacked. Like someone had slapped me in the face with a big ball made out of chocolate – that kind of attack. A wake-up call per se. I was like, “No. She. Did. NOT!

I laughed cause if y’all know me, you’ll know that that’s me – 100% – always writing novels for captions. However, I really do love and appreciate being able to share my words of growth, wisdom, and healing with y’all…. cause, after all, caring really is sharing.

So, in October of that year, I started writing this book. In one day, I wrote about 65-67 pages. Then I stopped. Impostor syndrome showed up again, and I started to question and doubt myself.

For 2 more years, I questioned myself until October of last year when I made a solid commitment to finish what I started.

Last year, my health was challenged, and to be honest, I didn’t think I would be here writing this (another long ass captionšŸ™ƒ)…but I knew one important factor: should the worst happen, I wanted to leave something tangible for my daughter- for the today her and the tomorrow her.

And….from the bulk of my growth since becoming a mental health advocate and a mother, I wanted to package my refined perspective(s) into a one-stop shop – for women.

So, I took Tricia Hershey’s word of advice, I gathered all the bombass captions I have written between 2016-2022, sliced, diced and mixed them with my newfound love of living a harmonious/soft girl life, baked them in my lens of being a mother, decorated it with my calling from God and served y’all- Good For You.

Cause listen, in life should things go sour or should they go sweet….the outcome is always for you and never to you.

And when it’s for you….it’s always GOOD.

So, good for you.

ps….go buy my book!

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