Stacy-Ann Buchanan

Sooooo I did a thang!!!

I wrote a book!!

Yup, you read right! And. Yup, I finally did it!

My book is called ‘Good For You’, and it is a gentle guide with 114 Mindful Practices Every Woman Can Adopt For A More Harmonious Life.

As women, we are naturally taught to live this ‘balanced life’, but if you really think about it…maintaining a ‘balanced life’ isn’t sustainable and can in fact, lead to more anxiousness and more burnout. Think about it…. in order for things to be balanced, one has to give the same amount of energy, time, and dedication to all aspects of their lives for the scale to even out. That means, everyday, whatever amount you give to (parenting), you gotta give to work, you give to partnership, you gotta give to family, you gotta give to friends/social life etc… and by the time you think about it, very rarely do we, as women, have that equal amount of time, energy, and dedication to give to ourselves.

Last year, I realized that aiming to live a ‘balanced life’ prioritizes end results rather than prioritizing how I feel throughout the experience. As someone who struggles with anxiety, this perspective made me more anxious.

So, I decided to change things around and opted for living a harmonious life—a life that’s less demanding and one which brings my lens back into the present moment while placing focus on feeling at peace in all areas of my life.

(Remember when I told y’all that I no longer aimed to be booked and busy, but rather paid and peaceful? Yup… those lens were slowly changing then, too)

All in all, in doing so, I wrote, Good For You. I wanted this book to be an easy guide to self-reflection, self-care, and self-love, which would then enable women to tap into their emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual intelligence while embracing a softer life

I love y’alls for realllll!!

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