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Stacy-Ann’s wealth of experience, knowledge, proactive approach, and impressive productivity shine through in every aspect of her work. As an engaging and inventive communicator, she embodies the epitome of an exemplary speaker, displaying qualities such as passion, confidence, self-awareness, adept storytelling, and introspection.

What distinguishes Stacy-Ann as a leader within her community is her unwavering commitment to consistently elevating the standards of effective, comprehensive, and deeply rooted educational workshops. Moreover, her dedication to creating safe spaces, where voices are not only heard but truly listened to, and individuals are genuinely seen, further underscores her leadership. Stacy-Ann’s professional accomplishments speak volumes about her capabilities, while her leadership and creativity serve as a testament to her character.

Specialized Expertise and Key Speaking Topics

Recognized among the 150 Leading Canadians for Mental Health and featured in the prestigious list of the 150 Black Women Making Canada Better, I’ve achieved milestones such as delivering a TEDx Talk and securing a billboard Ad at Yonge and Dundas Square. These accomplishments are a testament to my extensive experience, strong work ethic, and my willingness to openly share my personal journey, including struggles with depression, suicidal ideations, and anxiety.

At the core of my keynote presentation packages—The Essential, The Premium, and The Enterprise—is a commitment to challenging systemic racism by dismantling stigmas surrounding mental health in Black and BIPOC communities. My approach involves creating safe spaces where authentic voices can be heard and amplified. Each package is thoughtfully crafted to cater to the specific needs of your event, enhancing the overall theme through the art of exceptional storytelling.

The SEED, GROW, and LEAD workshop packages are meticulously crafted to enlighten, inspire, uplift, and challenge the prevailing stigmas and misconceptions surrounding mental health, particularly within Black and BIPOC communities. Each workshop is driven by a singular objective: to unearth the roots of trans-generational trauma, establish a transformative healing process, and cultivate leaders poised to #ChangeTheStigma

Choosing the appropriate guest speaker for your event holds the potential to transform the audience response from an enthusiastic “Oh Yes” to a disheartening “Oh No.” The selection of a speaker is a pivotal element in event planning or conference organization, as they play a crucial role in setting the overall tone and leaving a lasting impression on attendees.

A guest speaker’s responsibilities encompass not only engaging, educating, and inspiring the audience but also reinforcing the event’s theme. They bring a fresh perspective and insight to the related topics, enhancing the overall experience. My extensive experience and accumulated knowledge in my respective fields have afforded me numerous opportunities to adeptly fulfill such roles, delivering impactful presentations on various platforms.

In my role as a panelist, I am tasked with presenting my perspective on the provided session topic through engaging conversations with fellow panelists and the audience. I like to view this responsibility as akin to leading an interactive and educational class. It is essential for me to ensure that all topics identified for discussion align closely with the session title, description, and specified learning outcomes. Additionally, I make sure to have ample knowledge on the topic to effectively respond to audience questions during the Q&A segment.

As a team player, I bring my level of expertise to the forefront, maintaining a balanced interaction with both fellow panelists and the audience. I aim to be more than just a knowledgeable contributor—I strive to be a powerful storyteller, delivering memorable, Twitter-ready quotes that resonate with the audience. Ultimately, my goal is to leave the audience with a call to action, providing them with homework based on the valuable lessons learned from our session.

This workshop adopts a holistic approach to dismantle, overthrow, and redefine the conventional notion of “strength” for Black women. This misleading portrayal suggests that Black women are invincible, capable of enduring any hardship without revealing vulnerability or seeking support. The workshop aims to challenge this harmful stereotype by providing a platform for Black women to explore and unpack the historical and societal factors that have contributed to the creation and perpetuation of the “Strong Black Woman” myth.

Throughout the workshop, participants engage in various activities and discussions that encourage self-reflection and self-care. By creating a safe and supportive space, the facilitator fosters an environment where Black women can acknowledge their struggles, vulnerabilities, and the importance of seeking support.

Moreover, the workshop also delves into the historical context, shedding light on the systemic factors that have shaped and influenced the perception of Black women’s strength. By understanding these underlying dynamics, participants gain a deeper understanding of the myth’s origins and its impact on their lives.

To ensure a comprehensive exploration of this topic, the workshop is designed as a full-day activity. This extended timeframe allows for in-depth discussions, personal reflections, and the opportunity to develop strategies for dismantling the myth of the “Strong Black Woman” in both personal and societal contexts

This empowering workshop exclusively designed for women, integrates the principles from the book, “Good For You: 114 Mindful Practices Every Woman Can Adopt for a More Harmonious Life.” This transformative session is a dedicated exploration into holistic well-being and personal development, offering a roadmap for attendees to nurture their present selves while shaping a fulfilling future.

Throughout the workshop, we delve into mindful practices outlined in the book, guiding participants through practical strategies that encompass physical, mental, spiritual and emotional well-being. The focus is on creating a sustainable and harmonious life, steering away from the societal pressures of achieving a perfect balance.

Blending self-reflection with actionable steps, “Good For You: Nurturing Your Future Self” serves as a comprehensive guide, enabling women to tap into their emotional, mental, and spiritual intelligence. By incorporating the wisdom of the book, participants gain insights into adopting a softer, more compassionate approach to life, laying the foundation for a future that authentically aligns with their well-being.

Championing Mental Health in the Black Community
Women in Leadership
Overcoming Personal Struggles
Educational Advocacy
Demystifying the Strong Black Woman Syndrome
Mindful Practices for a Harmonious Life
Impactful Storytelling through Film
Crafting Your Narrative: The Art of Self-Branding

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