Stacy-Ann Buchanan

Stacy-Ann started out as a professionally trained theater and film actress with numerous theater productions, commercials and film credits under her belt. In 2012, she added the title of producer when she created, produced and launched – The Mystic Effect – a creative arts show that embodies music, poetry, dance, fashion and film. The success of the show prompted her to continue her entrepreneurial journey by establishing her own production company – Stacy-Ann Buchanan Productions. She launched the company in April 2013, and the following year, she was the recipient of the Entrepreneur Award at the International Women Achievement Awards.

February of 2015, rooted Stacy-Ann as a Filmmaker. She directed and produced the award winning documentary The Blind Stigma, which made Canadian history when it debuted as the first documentary produced in Canada that takes an in-depth look at how mental health is perceived within the Black community. The film chronicles the testimonies of five individuals (including herself) on their trials and triumphs with mental health by removing the veil of shame that clouds the topic in the Black communities. In addition, the film challenges that misconception by giving a voice to Black Canadians living with mental illness. The Blind Stigma as a recognized brand, has since branched out into a podcast that continues to explore such stigmas, dissect the multiple factors that aid towards mental illness in the Black communities and provides a safe space for stories to be heard.

Stacy-Ann’s impact, entrepreneurial work ethic and achievements have led her to being selected as one of the 100 Black Women to Watch in Canada, one of the 150 Black Women Making Canada Better, one of the 150 Leading Canadians for Mental Health and landing a TEDx Talk.

Adding to her credentials, is her role as co-donor of The Buchanan Scholarship. The educational award is granted to a student entering their first year of post-secondary education in the Liberal Arts or the Fine Arts program. The scholarship is based on a demonstrated financial need and having an excellent academic record.

Highlighted as an influential leader within her community, Stacy-Ann’s courageous vulnerability in sharing her past experiences with anxiety and suicidal depression have landed her numerous keynote speaking engagements throughout North America and the Caribbean, and appointed her to facilitate multiple workshops on “Changing The Stigma” throughout the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

In her latest achievement, Buchanan is the author of the well-received book, “Good For You: 114 Mindful Practices Every Woman Can Adopt For A More Harmonious Life.”

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Client Experiences and Feedback

Stacy-Ann is a powerful story-teller. Whether it is through the stage or the screen, when Stacy-Ann talks, it commands undivided attention. I’m personally so appreciative of her work to destigmatize mental illness and advance mental health.
Karen Cleveland
CAMH Foundation
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Andrea Velle

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