Stacy-Ann Buchanan

As a Mental Health Advocate

As a Mental Health Advocate, and someone who has lived experience with anxiety, suicidal ideations, and depression – I am here to remind and (in some cases) educate you on the many deeply rooted stigmas of mental illness. For almost two years, I mastered the art of pretending that I am okay, that I was […]

A gentle reminder

A gentle reminder: Pay close attention to how your nervous system responds to people. One major thing I’ve learned throughout the last decade is that people lie, but energy does not. I’ve been in numerous situations where I have constantly downplayed my intuition and navigated towards what a person says and even does, versus adhering […]

For The Sake of Your Mental Health

As someone who openly shares their journey with anxiety and previous struggles with suicidal ideations and depression, I emphasize the importance of prioritizing your mental health. Your mental well-being is the cornerstone of truly living and the key to inner peace. Over time, I’ve offered tips on nurturing a healthy mindset, and today, I’d like […]

Great news!

My book, ‘Good For You’, is now globally accessible! 🌍 You can grab your own copy from any of the book outlets listed on the ad, head over to the official website at (link in bio), or simply, dm me to mail you a signed copy! 😘 Many thanks in advance!

Story time.

One day back in late 2020, I was minding my business on IG when I came across a post by @thenapministry (one of my fave pages on Instagram) about Black women writing these long ass captions on social media when they could put those words into a book! I felt so attacked. Like someone had […]

Sooooo I did a thang!!!

I wrote a book!! Yup, you read right! And. Yup, I finally did it! My book is called ‘Good For You’, and it is a gentle guide with 114 Mindful Practices Every Woman Can Adopt For A More Harmonious Life. As women, we are naturally taught to live this ‘balanced life’, but if you really […]

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